19 business organizations from Gipuzkoa discuss opportunities to boost the circular economy in their processes


Naturklima and Tecnun have brought together 19 business organizations from Gipuzkoa in their second circular economy workshop held on the Ibaeta campus. The meeting is part of the LIFE IP Urban Klima 2050 project within the action C.9.3: Design of new governance models for climate change action.

During the seminar, the organizations involved have deepened the work carried out during the first workshop held in July and have focused on the barriers, opportunities, weaknesses and strengths that companies have when promoting the circular economy in their products, services or processes.

Distributed by thematic blocks - raw materials, water and energy, by-products and waste, market, consumer and awareness and legislation-certification - the participants discussed the opportunity offered by eco-design,  or the need to clarify and regularize concepts such as eco, bio or sustainable.

Among the findings, some organizations have highlighted how they have been directly affected by the effects of climate change either on their local facilities through their supply chain. The third and final workshop is scheduled for November and will have an inspiring character.