Barredo highlights LIFE URBAN KLIMA 2050 project as “biggest climate action project to be carried out in the Basque Country" at presentation of UHINAK congress


Basque Govt. Junior Minister for the Environment Amaia Barredo stressed the importance of the region's leadership of the integrated LIFE Urban Klima2050 project at her presentation of the 4th UHINAK Cross-border Congress on Climate and Coastal Change. “This is the biggest climate action project due to be implemented in the Basque Country in the coming years, involving 20 public and private bodies with a budget endowment of almost €20 million and a duration of 6 years. It began almost a year ago with the goal of drawing up pilot projects in urban and peri-urban, river basin and coastal areas.  It will also work on heightening awareness among the public and the authorities to create an atmosphere conducive to adaptation to climate change in the Basque Country", she explained in her press conference.

Ms. Barredo also stressed the need for congresses of this type so that the scientific community can share knowledge and guide public administrations in their short- and medium-term decision making.

Basque Govt. Junior Minister for the Environment Amaia Barredo stated today that “sea levels are rising slowly but steadily, and this will have a substantial impact on coastal areas of the Basque Country.”

She added that "in the Basque Country we have done our homework. The Klima 2050 Basque Climate Change Strategy has been in place since 2015. This pioneering strategy, approved by the Basque Government even before the Paris Accords, sets ambitious targets for our area."