Bermeo makes progress in the recovery of the Tonpoi natural space with the planting of native species

Bermeo continues with its work to restore the coastal area of Tonpoi for its public use. After the removal of the infrastructures that occupied the land and cleaning the area, during the first quarter of 2022 the Town Council has proceeded to plant native species (mainly Cantabrian holm oak, the area's potential ecosystem). In addition, hardy species that require little care have been taken into account, as well as species that generate biodiversity, producing edible fruits for many species or which are adequate for refuge and nesting. These tasks have been carried out with sustainable gardening criteria that will enable the area’s conservation and environmental recovery, as well as the recreational use of this space.

This initiative is part of action C.4.2: Key green infrastructure for improving urban-rural connection and the resilience of the territory.

Collaborating institution: Bermeo Town Council