Bermeo opens the Tonpoi natural space to public use


After more than two years of work, Bermeo has restored the natural environment of Tonpoi and has opened it to public use. The restored 3 km2 area of high environmental value is located between the Talape and Tonpoi cliff area and has meant the regeneration of a degraded are “that was dotted with vegetable gardens, fenced plots and huts and is now open to the use and enjoyment of all the public”, pointed out the mayor, Aritz Abaroa.

The objective of this initiative, part of action ‘C.4.2: Key green infrastructure for improving urban-rural connection and the resilience of the territory’, from the Urban Klima 2050 project, is the full recovery of this space, from both an environmental and social point of view, through the creation of a green peri-urban infrastructure, for public use, with sustainable criteria and adapted to climate change.

The peri-urban green infrastructure has been designed with natural materials and using sustainable gardening criteria, and has protective areas against the effects of climate change. The planting of local species of shrubs and trees will provide the park with shaded areas. In addition, the restoration of the Atlantic countryside in the surroundings will foster the creation of a microhabitat and biodiversity.

A path along the coast to the Arizatxu sandy area

The creation of the Tonpoi green park will be completed with a second phase that will start in October and will make it possible to extend the path up to the Arizatxu sandy area along the coast.

The future layout, three kilometres in length, will run along a pedestrian path that will complete the views of the landscape with the bay and the Matxitxako cape to the west, and the island of Izaro and the Oka river estuary to the east.