Bilbao incorporating climate change criteria in the Punta Zorrotza urban design


The Urban Klima 2050 video shows the urban development project for the sustainable recovery of this space with a mixed-use residential and business zone.

Bilbao is advancing in the Punta Zorrotza urban development; the climate change and adaptation perspective has been incorporated in the specific amendment of the urban land-use plan (PGOU) for this area.

The LIFE IP Urban Klima 2050 project has made a video to document the planned actions in this district of the capital of Bizkaia.  It is one of the seven pilot projects that Urban Klima 2050 has underway in as many Basque municipalities; it is showcasing the projects sequentially in video format on the occasion of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 28) being held in Dubai between 30 November and 12 December 2023.

In the case of Punta Zorrotza, the video explains the actions planned by Bilbao City Council with the assistance of Tecnalia to recover this piece of the city's industrial past. Integrating the climate change perspective in the PGOU is prioritised among the adopted measures; specific studies are being prepared to address the potential impact of torrential rain and of thermal stress in this area. 

The new design of this corner of Bilbao will generate a mixed-use zone with housing and commercial areas being built, which will reduce motorized travel and the associated emissions.  The project will also undertake the refurbishment of buildings listed as being of cultural interest. 

Discover all the project details in the video.