Bizkaia approves €500,000 in aid for municipal & supra-municipal councils to combat climate change


Municipal and supra-municipal councils in Bizkaia can receive a boost for their efforts to combat climate change thanks to an aid package approved by the Provincial Council. As a social partner in the integrated LIFE Urban Klima 2050 project, the Provincial Council has published a call for applications for subsidies totalling €500,000 to enable institutions in its territory to draw up planning studies on climate change and energy efficiency and invest in equipment to reduce energy consumption in street lighting and public buildings.

The subsidies will be awarded on a free competition basis, and the maximum amount in each case will be €15,000 for studies and €40,000 for projects. Municipal and supra-municipal councils that wish to apply for this aid can do have until 30 September this year to do so, via the Provincial Council's online office or in person at the registry of the Department of Sustainability and the Environment and the general registry of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.
There are three areas of action: planning, street lighting and energy efficiency.

Subsidies will be awarded to schemes in three areas:

1.    Planning for climate change:

2.    Street lighting:

3.    Reduction of electricity and/or fuel consumption at town halls and municipal amenities: