EU Green Week 2021 focusing on the commitment to zero pollution


The EU Green Week 2021 has a very clear goal: zero pollution for a toxic-free environment. From 31 May to 4 June, and with the theme ‘Zero Pollution for healthier people and planet’, the European Commission is offering concerned organisations, companies, and citizens to work together to turn the ambition of a toxic-free environment and zero pollution into reality.

The deadline for submitting actions and applications is 12 March. It is open to any organisation, including municipal authorities, environmental authorities, companies, associations, private firms, NGOs, research institutes, universities and technical colleges, the media, citizen groups, youth groups, and stakeholders from other sectors (biodiversity, nature, water, air quality, tourism, education, agriculture, transport, sustainable companies).

Participants will have the opportunity of showcasing the achievements of their organisation or city to a wider audience by means of any type of activity: a workshop, guided tour, exhibition, fair, open day, or an online event, etc.

The EU Green Week 2021 will also consider other initiatives that are relevant to the European Green Deal, such as climate initiatives, the future Chemicals Strategy, and those dedicated to energy, industry, mobility, agriculture, fisheries, health and biodiversity.

Lahti in Finland, this year’s host city, will hold the opening event on 31 May. The activities, including the international conference and the exhibition, will be held virtually from 1 to 4 June.