Gernika consults citizens on their perception regarding climate change


Gernika-Lumo Municipal Council wants to know about its citizens’ perception regarding climate change, their concerns and worries in relation to this challenge that all of society is facing. It has therefore launched a survey that local inhabitants can fill in until next 30 April.

 The aim of the questionnaire, prepared by the Environment department, is to collect data in order to draft the town’s Integrated Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan (PIMACC), which will be aligned with the LIFE IP Urban Klima 2050 project.

“We want to collect as much knowledge as possible about the main concerns and needs among different sectors in the municipality, and citizens in general regarding this topic to then develop an action project adapted to the town's reality and which is sustainable over time”, explains the municipal department responsible.

The Integrated Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan will be the roadmap used by Gernika-Lumo Municipal Council to align itself with the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions established at international and regional level.

In addition, it will include specific strategies aimed at savings through energy efficiency initiatives and the deployment of renewable energies, and a, increased resilience to climate change.