Gernika launches climate change actions


Gernika has launched various actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to achieve international and regional targets. In this regard, the Gernika city council is drawing up its Integrated Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan, which will be aligned with the objectives of the  Urban Klima 2050 project.

The plan will incorporate specific strategies aimed at energy saving with energy efficiency initiatives, as well as the implementation of renewable energies to reduce GHG emissions and others to increase its resilience and adaptation to climate change. In 2019, after the declaration of a climate emergency in the Basque Country, the city council demonstrated its commitment to climate action policies, and has been working for years on sustainability through the 2030 Agenda.

Faced with this threat, in 2020 the city council presented the Climate Change and Energy Diagnosis. It provided information on the city council's energy consumption and emissions levels and analysed the potential impacts that climate change could have on the municipality.

The results of the study suggested that, with the implementation of some measures, the Administration of the municipality could see reduction levels reach 38% by 2030. With a view to 2050, the city council has set itself the target of reducing its consumption by 60%.

Furthermore, the development of the integrated local climate and energy plan will include a citizen participation process in order to reach a consensus and address the needs of social and economic agents in Gernika.