Ihobe and EVE launch a programme for the recruitment of technical staff in climate change and energy transition in the local administration


Municipalities, associations of municipalities, commonwealths, provincial deputies and entities which depend on the Basque local administration can now apply for this programme, which will facilitate the hiring of 30 technical people on climate change and energy transition. The aim of this initiative is to address two objectives; on the one hand, to provide local governments with support in the development of climate and energy plans, tailored to their specific needs, to enable them to improve environmental sustainability in their areas of action, through funded procurement. And, on the other hand, to incorporate young talents in the local administration and train them in energy transition and climate change.

Applicants must have a degree or master's degree in environmental sciences, chemistry, physics, engineering, geology, biology, economics or related qualifications; in addition to accrediting an advanced level of Basque (B2). In addition, local administrations must indicate whether there is a municipal energy and climate plan, within the framework of the Covenant of Mayors or in any other area, if the institution has an energy sustainability plan in municipal buildings and facilities, specify if there is a municipal mobility plan, the description of the municipal organization or area in which the young person hired will be integrated and the specification of the objectives of the contract.

The application period is open until November 8 and, previously, an information period has been enabled for the resolution of doubts where EVE and Ihobe will resolve technical issues, areas of action and tasks to be performed. Local administrations to participate in the program must express their interest by completing the form enabled on the web page of the Novia Salcedo Foundation.  From 1 November and for a period of one week, institutions interested in this type of procurement must submit the reports to Lanbide for approval. 

The Programme managed by Lanbide – Employment Basque Service will be financed within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan – NextGenerationEU and includes labour and wage costs in the form of internships including social security contributions, with the maximum subsidy amount for contribution groups of 4 to 1 of 32,108.92 euros; and personal protective equipment, with 553.60 euros per year for persons hired from contribution groups 4 to 1. According to the terms of the programme, when the cost of the contract exceeds these values, the excess amounts must be financed by the contracting entities. 


The program of first professional experience in climate change and energy transition appears included in ‘Erreminta-Gida’, the services charter for the accompaniment of local administrations. The document, which will shortly be presented in a round of regional visits, has two priority objectives. On the one hand, to design and conduct a project to support the local administrations of the Basque Country in activities linked to the energy and climate transition, based on capacity-building, technical support, aid and recognition, and which will provide tools and services that will help maximize the use of the resources available in this area. On the other hand, ‘Erreminta-Gida’ establishes a road map for the municipalities and regions of the Basque Country where it facilitates the adoption of energy and climate policies with the aim of making visible the commitment and leadership of local entities in this matter.

Organized by EVE and Ihobe and deployed through the entities adhered to the Basque network of sustainable municipalities Udalsarea 2030, the round of local presentation of the catalogue of services will begin in person on November 3 at the Zelaieta center of Amorebieta, at 9:30 a.m.