Reforestation of Mount Oberan

Between September 2020 and March 2021, the reforestation of Mount Oberan, in Gipuzkoa, was carried out. The forest was cleared on September 2020, replacing Lawson cypress, maritime pine and European black pine (approximately 10 ha). The reforestation project with native species as common oak (Quercur robur) was completed in November 2020. Between January and March  2021 the plantation was done using species such as alder, birch and ash.

A change was necessary towards more autochtonous species, more diverse and with criteria of adaptation to climate change. The plot is located in the vicinity of Oberan, and covers an area of about 3 ha. This plantation has spread more than it is desirable and its presence is not adequate because it is an allochthonous specie in aprotected  area due to its high natural values.

This initiative is part of action C.4.2: Key green infrastructure for improving urban-rural connection and the resilience of the territory

Partner: Donostia-San Sebastián Council