Rewilding the first stretch of the River Errekatxulo in Donostia-San Sebastian

The Donostia-San Sebastian City Council has completed the rewilding of the first stretch of the River Errekatxulo in the Belartza industrial estate in the Gipuzkoan capital.

The River Errekatxulo is made up of several stretches in which action will be taken in different phases with the goal of rewilding the majority of them. In this first phase, work was carried out on the north valley floor, where the concrete structure was replaced with natural materials so as to restore the ecological potential of the river and allow the dynamics of the environment, vegetation and fauna to gradually create a higher quality river ecosystem than the current one.

This initiative is part of Action C.5.1 Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) in river basins

Collaborating entities: Donostia/ San Sebastian City Council and URA.