Strategic framework

The KLIMA 2050 Basque Climate Change Strategy, which we are deploying through the project's actions, is the strategic reference framework in the fields of mitigation and adaptation. It has been conceived as a tool for use by the entire Basque Government, coordinated by all its departments, and linked with the policies being promoted in the three provinces and their municipalities.

We have reviewed the Strategy, analysing the progress made to mitigate and adapt to climate change. We are now designing the new plan that will further our ambition to align ourselves with current international climate change objectives.

European Union


EU Climate and Energy Framework

  • Reduce emissions by at least 40%
  • Improve energy efficiency by at least 32,5%
  • Presence of renewables in final energy used of at least 32%

European Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

  • Smarter adaptation: improve knowledge and manage uncertainty.
  • More systemic adaptation: support the development of policies at all levels and in all relevant areas.
  • Faster adaptation: speed up adaptation in all areas.

European Green Pact

European Climate Law


PNIECC 2021-2030

  • Reduce emissions by 23%
  • Improve energy efficiency by at least 39.5%
  • Presence of renewables in final energy used of at least 42%

PNACC 2021-2030

  • Update regional projections
  • Generate knowledge and skills
  • Prioritise risks
  • Integration in plans, programmes, and sector regulations

Climate Change and Energy Transition Law

Basque Region


Basque Energy Strategy 2030 (3E2023)

Basque Energy Transition and Climate Change Law

Law 4/2019 on Energy Sustainability in the Basque Region


Local climate and estrategy plans

The KLIMA 2050 Basque Climate Change Strategy approved in June 2015 defines the Basque Country's vision to the year 2050 and consists of 2 objectives:

  • The first objective, linked to mitigation, is to reduce greenhouse gases and increase the consumption of renewable energies.
  • The second objective, linked to adaptation to climate change, is to make the Basque Region more resilient to climate change, in other words, to keep the territory operating despite the changes due to climate over the years, the main objective of the Urban Klima project 2050.

9 targets covering 24 lines of action have been defined to achieve the mitigation and adaptation objectives of the KLIMA 2050 strategy.

Meta 1
Meta 2
Meta 3
Meta 4
Meta 5
Meta 6
Meta 7
Meta 8
Meta 9

The KLIMA 2050 strategy proposes mitigation actions such as the promotion of sustainable mobility and the introduction of renewable energy. Likewise, actions are being proposed to improve resilience, adapt the territory, municipalities, infrastructures, etc. In this context, the LIFE IP Urban Klima 2050 project is an accelerator to activate climate action in the Basque Country.

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The Climate Change Strategy of the Basque Country - KLIMA 2050 is the instrument shared by all the departments of this government to support the measures implemented so far and to adopt new ones that allow us to design a future of sustainable human development.