The Basque Country's Energy Transition and Climate Change Plan is making good progress


In October 2021, the Basque Government approved the Energy Transition and Climate Change Plan 2021-2024, now being monitored, which aims to: cut GHG emissions by 30% compared to 2005; achieve a 20% share of renewable energy in the final energy consumption; and boost the Basque Country’s resilience against climate change.

Energy Transition and Climate Change Plan Monitoring Report 2021-2022

The aim of this first Monitoring Report on the Energy Transition and Climate Change Plan is to assess its level of completion, analyse any deviations and propose corrective measures.

The report highlights the significant progress being made regarding energy transition, as well as mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the Basque Country. The rate of completion for the 15 initiatives proposed in the Plan is 49%, which means that almost half of the initiatives attempted have come to fruition in one and a half years of the Plan’s life. Therefore, the rate of completion of all the initiatives is expected to be 100% by 2024.

The actions envisaged in the Plan not only contribute to tackling the climate change challenge but also boost economic activities in the form of mitigation and adaptation investments, supporting the Basque Country’s economy growth. The Plan will result in a GDP increase of almost 160 million Euro per year and more than 2,000 jobs created annually.

The report emphasises the steady progress made towards 30% reduction targets in total GHG emissions and resilience actions, but points out that the target for the proportion of renewable energy sources (20% by 2024) has even lagged behind in the period monitored. This setback is due to a temporary increase in electricity generation by combined-cycle power plants, and a decrease in hydroelectric generation and the use of biofuels.

In terms of adaptation to Climate Change, the Basque Country has been one of the regions selected to join the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change. This appointment recognises that the Basque Country is ready to lead and share its experience with other European regions and demonstrates the region is committed and truly convinced of the climate emergency challenge we face as a society.

The initiatives with the lowest levels of compliance that will require greater support over the next 2 years are: Promoting energy retrofits in buildings and nature-based solutions as a source of innovation for the resilience of towns and cities.

Examples of relevant actions envisaged in the Plan: