The LIFE URBAN KLIMA 2050 Project is included as an example in the a Basque Government’s guide to promote the Agenda 2030 and its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals


• The guide contains real-life examples of good practices, two of which were managed by Ihobe

Ihobe has participated in a practical guide published for Basque organisations entitled “How to implement the Agenda 2030 and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals”, published by the new General Secretariat for Social Transition and Agenda 2030 of the Basque Government. The document aims to help organisations in the Basque Country to implement the Agenda 2030 in line with the steps already taken by government agencies.

The guide contains real-life examples of good practices, two of which were managed by Ihobe. Associated with Sustainable Development Goal 13 (Climate Action), the guide also includes the LIFE Integrated Urban Klima 2050 project as a good practice. This extremely ambitious project was designed to call everyone to action, implementing demonstration projects to make the Basque Country a benchmark territory in terms of climate action. There are a total of 40 actions in river, coastal and peri-urban areas, promoted by a consortium of around 20 organisations. The Basque Country has had a long-term climate strategy since 2015 called the Basque Country Climate Change Strategy – KLIMA 2050. The project will develop new climate action planning, incorporating the climate change variable into sectoral policies for land management, health, energy and water, and a centre will be created to coordinate all data and information on climate change in the Basque Country.

This is the thrust of the Local 2030 Agenda in Basque municipalities, associated with Sustainable Development Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities). The Basque Network of Sustainable Municipalities-Udalsarea 2030 has made several particularly noteworthy contributions to Agenda 2030, such as the “Contribution of the Basque Network of Municipalities to Sustainability to Sustainable Development Goals” report, the “Local Agenda 2030 Guide. How to address the Sustainable Development Goals at the local level. A Practical Guide” and the implementation of the Local Agenda 2030 Working Group.

To drive the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development promoted by the United Nations in all sectors present in the social and economic fabric of the Basque Country, in 2019, the Basque Government created a pilot group called EUSKADI 2030 GUNEA, made up of 17 organisations – among them Ihobe – which represent sectors like education, industry, professional associations, public bodies, third-sector social entities and technology centres. Together, they cover all three of the so-called “areas of sustainability”: economic, social and environmental.

As well as Ihobe, the guide features Geoparque Costa Vasca, UNICEF País Vasco, UNESCO Etxea, Auren, Bolton Food-Grupo Conservas Garavilla, Tecnalia, Elika, Aclima, UPV/EHU, Ingurugela; Tubacex, EDE Fundazioa, Basquepro Elkargoak, Basqueteam, A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología, and TKNIKA.