The Provincial Council of Álava installs three safe bicycle parking lots in Llodio, Amurrio and Luiaondo


A framed intervention of the Urban Klima 2050 project and, specifically, the one related to action C.4.3 of sustainable mobility, reduction of emissions and healthy life.

The Department of Environment of the Provincial Council of Álava has installed three safe bicycle parking lots in Aiaraldea. An intervention framed within the LIFE IP Urban Klima 2050 project and, specifically, that related to action C.4.3 of sustainable mobility, reduction of emissions and healthy living.

This action is the result of an electric mobility study and specifically by bicycle for the connection of work environments, carried out in 2021. A work that studied everyday mobility to identify strategic areas that could favour sustainable mobility and where the location of safe bicycle car parks with electric charging points was detailed.

Bike racks are located in Llodio, next to the train station on José Matía street; in Amurrio, in front of the train station on Dionisio Aldama street and in Luiaondo next to the train station.

These three safe bicycle parking lots, as well as a module to clean the bikes located in Luiaondo, have the objective of "favouring and promoting the connectivity of urban areas with industrial parks through the Greenway of the Nervión Linear Park" has specified the Foral deputy for the Environment, Josean Galera.

For the provincial deputy “ the intervention carried out favours intermodality with public transport, to the detriment of the private vehicle, boosting sustainable mobility in daily trips while stimulating a healthier lifestyle", he stressed.

The implementation of the facilities makes it possible to deposit up to 10 bicycles in these spaces made of aluminum and polycarbonate, a material with a high degree of resistance, non-deformability and protection against possible vandal attacks or adverse weather conditions. Users must register with a mobile phone application that will generate a code to be able to use safe bicycle parking. For access to the interior it will be necessary to type the user code. It is planned that in this first stage it will be free to use.

The investment for the supply, installation, implementation, maintenance, preservation and comprehensive management of the three bicycle parking lots and the cleaning module amounts to €173,153.90, VAT included.