Urban Klima 2050 takes to the streets to show “what we are facing in the Basque Country if we do not take up the climate change challenge”


Rising temperatures and sea level, less rain and adverse weather events are some of the impacts that the Basque Country is facing if it does not take up the climate change challenge. LIFE IP Urban Klima 2050, the Basque Country’s largest climate action for the coming years, has embraced this challenge and is taking to the streets to make citizens aware of the importance of getting involved.

Large cubes will be placed in the streets of Bilbao, Donostia, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bakio, Bermeo, Gernika and Zarautz (the 7 municipalities where the pilot schemes are being run) until 2 December, with a clear message: no gesture is too small when it comes to climate change.  Diving goggles will be placed on an iconic statue in each of those municipalities and passers-by will be shown how the impacts of climate change are threatening where we live.  The panels will also offer information on the actions that Urban Klima 2050 has already implemented in three areas:  urban areas, coast and river basins.

Along with the institutional commitment, citizen participation is also essential in climate change adaptation and mitigation.  Therefore, the campaign also includes the ’52 Tips to Combat Climate Change’ tool that Ihobe has published for the general public, so that everyone can calculate their commitment to climate change based on their everyday actions. This tool comes with a practical guide with 52 tips so people can adapt their habits and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.