Urban Klima 2050 works on an observation platform to monitor climate change in the Basque Country


Analyse, define and disseminate. This is the working method of the ‘Climate change hub: observation and monitoring system’ of the Urban Klima 2050 project associated with action C9.1 of the Basque Country's largest climate action project for the coming years.

After two years of an exhaustive bibliographical review of the scientific literature, the analysis of similar platforms and a reflection process, at the end the year the partner entities of the Hub want to launch the observation platform that will enable monitoring climate change in the Basque Country, its evolution, impact and the effectiveness of the adaptation measure implemented.

Last 27 May Ihobe, Naturklima, Azti, Neiker and Tecnalia participated in a working session to advance in the definition o the indicators that will be part of the system for the monitoring and observation of climate change in the Basque Country. Experts in meteorology, the marine environment and the agroforestry sector debated on the need for these indicators to be:

Among the indicators that will be part of this platform there will be:

Once the indicators that will be part of the platform in this first phase have been selected, the work over the next few months will focus on testing the most adequate forms of representation under the criteria mentioned.