Workshop on integrating climate change into energy policies

Technical staff from Zarautz Town Council, Bilbao City Council, TECNALIA, the Basque Energy Agency (EVE), Tecnun and Ihobe took part in workshops on 22nd June and 5th July to integrate climate change into municipal energy policies. 

In both cases, the workshops began by drawing up a list that brings together the key infrastructures of each municipality in strategic sectors, such as energy, transport, information and communication technologies (ICTs), education, health, administration, food and water, among others. They were all categorised according to their degree of criticality. 

Furthermore, the locations of each of the listed key infrastructures were identified as part of the workshops in order to generate a map including all of them. The workshops ended with the pooling of the main results, leading on to the development of the next phases of the URBAN KLIMA 2050 project, which will assess the climate risk of the electricity distribution network in the face of extreme events and their impact on these infrastructures according to their degree of criticality. On one hand, the aim is specifically to analyse the physical relationships between the distribution infrastructure exposed to climate change and the identified key infrastructure/services and, on the other hand, to assess the risks and define an initial package of possible adaptation measures. 

These workshops are part of action C.3.2: Integrating climate change into energy policies within the URBAN KLIMA 2050 project 

Coordinator: TECNALIA 

Collaborating entities: Bilbao City Council, Zarautz Town Council, the Basque Energy Agency (EVE), Tecnun and Ihobe.