Zarautz analyses measures for the climate change adaptation and protection of the urban waterfront


The Urban Klima 2050 video shows the maintenance and restoration work in the municipality's blue-green ring and the actions envisaged to avoid overshoot events on the coast.

Zarautz has different actions underway to work on climate change adaptation from different perspectives. The LIFE IP Urban Klima 2050 project has produced a video documenting the actions envisaged in the municipality's blue-green ring for climate change adaptation and the measures studied in the urban waterfront area. It is one of the pilot projects that Urban Klima 2050 has underway in the Basque municipalities that are beneficiaries of the project; it is showcasing the projects sequentially in video format during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 28) being held in Dubai between 30 November and 12 December 2023.

The Zarautz blue-green ring surrounds the whole municipality and links up different natural areas; it is around 12 km in length. The ring combines mountain and sea and protects Zarautz from the effects of climate change.  Maintenance and restoration work has been carried out in different areas of the ring, as they are zones of great importance to combat climate change.  The actions implemented include the restoration and recovery measures in the Buztinzuri alder groves, the Irita wetland and the Zingira cork oak forest.

On the other hand, alternatives have been analysed for the climate change adaptation of the urban waterfront, an area that is highly vulnerable to climate change as it has already been battered by storms, such as the one in 2014. Adaptation measures have been studied for the beach area, seafront and the waterfront under the road between Zarautz and Getaria, in order to minimise coastal overshoot events.

Discover all the project details in the video.